Neocate or Puramino: Which One is The Best for Your Baby?

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The Best One?

In conclusion, after analyzing the reviews of moms, ingredients, nutrient value, and cost, both Puramino and Neocate amino acids formulas seem to be effective and safe options for infants with severe food allergies or other related conditions.

Puramino shows good results for reflux, gas, and colic. Also, it has a higher rating on Amazon than Neocate. On the other hand, is completely GMO-Free and soy-free. Furthermore, it has less bad taste and it’s enriched with minerals more than Puramino.

Neocate is the best choice for babies with soy protein allergy, gastrointestinal pains, reflux, or stool problems due to cow’s milk, soy milk, or lactose allergies. Whereas Puramino is the best choice for reflux, gas, and colic.

Mom’s Reviews Comparison:

Neocate and Puramino may have a bad taste due to their unique formulation and lack of traditional ingredients like lactose or milk proteins, which can affect the taste and smell of the formula.

Moreover, they are expensive compared to standard baby formulas because they are specialized formulas that are formulated with amino acids instead of proteins found in traditional formulas.

The production and manufacturing of these specialized formulas require a more complex and time-consuming process, which drives up the cost. Additionally, the ingredients used in these formulas are often more expensive and harder to source compared to those in traditional formulas.

These factors contribute to the higher cost of Neocate and Puramino, making them a significant investment for families who need them. However, for babies who require these specialized formulas, the benefits of being able to safely consume complete and balanced nutrition often outweigh the cost.

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Ingredients Comparison:

Neocate and PurAmino are both amino acid-based formulas designed for infants with severe food allergies or other digestive problems that prevent them from being able to tolerate traditional milk-based or soy-based formulas. While they are similar in many ways, there are some differences in their ingredients.

Protein Source:

These formulas are made with amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein, instead of whole proteins. This makes them hypoallergenic and safe for babies who are allergic to cow’s milk and soy milk protein.

Carbohydrate Source:

The carbohydrate source of Puramino and Neocate is corn syrup solids. Since amino acid-based formulas do not contain lactose, which is the primary carbohydrate found in milk, they require a source of carbohydrates to provide energy to the infant. Corn syrup solids are used as a carbohydrate source in Neocate and Puramino because they are easily digestible and provide a quick source of energy.

It’s important to note that corn syrup solids used in amino acid-based baby formulas are different from high-fructose corn syrup, which is a sweetener used in many processed foods. Corn syrup solids used in baby formula are typically made from corn starch, which is broken down into glucose molecules that are easy for infants to digest.

Fat Source:

Both Formulas are using Medium Chain Triglycerides and high oleic sunflower among fat sources. However, Puramino has soy oil which is confusing because an amino acids formula should be soy-free, whereas Neocate doesn’t have soy oil instead it has sunflower oil.

High oleic sunflower oil is a type of plant-based oil that is commonly used in amino acid-based baby formulas to provide a source of fat that is essential for infant growth and development.

Infants require fat for many reasons, including brain development, the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, and the formation of cell membranes. However, infants who require amino acid-based formulas due to severe food allergies or digestive problems may have difficulty digesting traditional sources of fat, such as soy or dairy fat. Plant-based oils like high oleic sunflower oil are often used in these formulas because they are more easily digested by infants with these issues.

Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are a type of fat that is often added to amino acid-based formulas for infants who have difficulty digesting traditional sources of fat, such as soy or dairy fat. MCTs are unique in that they are rapidly absorbed and metabolized by the liver, which can make them easier to digest for infants with digestive issues.

Puramino and Neocate have 33% of their fat blend from MCTs.

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Nutrition Comparison:

Neocate and PurAmino are both amino acid-based infant formulas that provide essential vitamins and minerals for infants. While both formulas are nutritionally complete and contain similar vitamins and minerals, there are some differences in the amounts of certain nutrients that may be important to consider:


Both PurAmino and Neocate are fortified with a wide range of vitamins to ensure that infants receive adequate nutrition. However, there are some differences in terms of vitamin content. For example, PurAmino contains higher amounts of vitamins A, C, E, K, B12, Folic acid, Choline, and Inositol, while Neocate contains more vitamins B1, B2, B6, D, Niacin, Pantothenic acid, and Biotin.

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Both PurAmino and Neocate are also fortified with minerals such as calcium, potassium, and zinc. However, Neocate is enriched with mineral levels more than Puramino. Also, Neocate has two components that are missing in the Puramino formula which are chromium and Molybdenum.

“Chromium is essential for maintaining normal glucose metabolism,” says

“Molybdenum works in the body to break down proteins and other substances,” says WebMD

Price and Size Comparison:

Regarding price, Neocate and Puramino are expensive due to their unique formulation and availability. Moreover, they have the same size (14.1 oz). The price of Puramino is 44.82$ (3.18 /oz) whereas Neocate is available now only in packs of 4 which cost 168.90$ (2.99 /oz).

You can buy Neocate from Amazon HERE and Puramino from Amazon HERE.

Switching Between Puramino and Neocate:

It is possible to switch between Puramino and Neocate formulas as they are both amino acid-based with comparable protein and carbohydrate sources. However, to minimize the potential for digestive problems and ensure that the child is receiving the right nutrients, it is recommended to make a gradual transition from one formula to the other over a period of several days or weeks.

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