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Feeding your baby a name-brand formula for 12 months can be very expensive. Especially, a hypoallergenic formula that is approximately three times more expensive than the standard formula. Thus, it’s better to switch to generic brands since they are approved by the FDA and much cheaper than name brands.

In this article, we will see all the generic brands for the Nutramigen formula and how to switch from a name brand to generic brand formula. stay with me!

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What are the Generic Brands For Nutramigen Formula?

There are 9 generic Nutramigen formulas, they have the same basic ingredients as Enfamil Nutramigen:

  1. Up&Up hypoallergenic formula (Target)
  2. Parent’s Choice hypoallergenic formula (Walmart)
  3. Mama Bear hypoallergenic formula (Amazon)
  4. Meijer hypoallergenic formula
  5. Tippy Toes hypoallergenic formula
  6. Well Beginnings hypoallergenic formula
  7. Kroger Comforts hypoallergenic formula
  8. CVS Health hypoallergenic formula
  9. HEB Baby hypoallergenic formula

this table shows the 9 generic Nutramigen brands with ingredients and price comparison and where to buy them.

generic nutramigen formula with comparison

Where to Buy Them?

Where to Buy?
Enfamil NutramigenBuy 12.6 oz HERE
Buy 19.8 oz HERE
Parent’s Choice
Buy 19.8 oz HERE
Mama Bear
Buy 12.6 oz HERE
Tippy ToesBuy 12.6 oz HERE
Buy 12.6 oz HERE
All generic Nutramigen brands with ingredients, price comparison, and where to buy. (Nutramigen vs generic brand)

All generic hypoallergenic formula brands in the US, as well as Nutramigen, use casein as the main protein source chopped into very small pieces (to not elicit any allergic responses); a range size of 3 KiloDalton (normal range size of protein is 14 to 67 KiloDalton) to make it easy for baby’s digestive system.

Casein and whey, are two components derived from milk. They have almost the same benefits but each one has a different digestion time; the body digests casein slowly making the baby meal times per day less; it’s good before bedtime. On the contrary, whey is digested quickly.

Almost all hypoallergenic formula brands in the US are casein-based, except Gerber Extensive HA, which uses whey as a source of protein.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA): corn syrup is a safe ingredient for babies with milk and food allergies. it’s used as a carbohydrate source and a replacement for lactose used in most standard formulas.

Almost every hypoallergenic formula brands in the US add no sucrose or sugar in their formula, except Similac Alimentum which uses sucrose (or table sugar).

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LGG Probiotics (Lactobacillus rhamnosus) are good bacteria found naturally in our bowls, they have many benefits for a baby’s digestive and immune system. Moreover, they reduce the incidence of diarrhea and the risk of eczema and may also help with colic.

If you are using another formula with no LGG you can buy them as drops and add them to the bottle.

Enfamil Nutramigen and its generic brands are using palm oil and coconut oil as fat sources. Many parents are concerned about palm oil because it reduces calcium and fat absorption which makes the stool little hard and can lead to constipation. However, if your baby is thriving and has no pain during bowel movements, just don’t be concerned about it.

You may want to see what does a hypoallergenic formula poop looks like? to see the poop color, consistency, frequency, and smell of each hypoallergenic brand.

What Is The Cheapest Generic Nutramigen Formula?

The Cheapest Generic Nutramigen Formula?

The cheapest generic Nutramigne formula is the Target brand by Up & Up hypoallergenic formula, it cost 28.99$ for 19.8oz (1.46/oz). Also, Target offers a reward program to save more money. Furthermore, they have the same nutrient value and ingredients (LGG probiotics, corn syrup, palm oil, lactose-free, sucrose-free, ARA, and DHA). Also, it’s a non-GMO formula

Other moms have used it as an alternative to Similac Alimentum and work great!

When using it, ensure the water is warmed to temp before adding the formula. If you heat up after, it takes an obnoxious amount of time to get the formula to mix in.

you can buy Up & Up hypoallergenic formula here from Target.

I wrote an article about 14 easy ways to save money on baby formula if you want to check.

The Best Alterantive Name-Brand For Enfamil Nutramigen :

In case of not have financial issues; the best alternative name-brand of Nutramigen you can feed your baby is Similac Alimentum ready-to-feed, it’s a lifesaver. Many moms found it good for reflux, colic, eczema, rash diaper, and fussiness.

Furthermore, babies on Alimentum have a happy diaper; green to brown poop, and the frequency is once to twice a day which is great. And because Similac doesn’t use palm oil in their formulas; the poop is soft and watery.

Moreover, Similac Alimentum has introduced 2’FL-Human milk oligosaccharides in their hypoallergenic formula which is unique and is one of the biggest advances in baby nutrition.

« HMOs are special prebiotics found naturally in a mother’s breast milk. They are the most abundant solid ingredient in breast milk after fat and carbohydrates. In breastfed babies, HMOs are scientifically shown to positively affect the microbiome. » says nutritionnews.Abbott

2’FL prebiotic (2’ fucosyllactose) is a type of HMO that exist only in breast milk. Therefore, babies who are fed 2’FL prebiotics have an immune response like breastfed babies.

I’ve done a detailed comparison between Nutramigen and Alimentum in this article.

You can buy 6 cases (32-oz bottle) of Similac Alimentum here from amazon for 64.94$ (0.34$/ Fl Oz), also you can buy in installments 11.80$/month or less for 6 months with affirm.

As you can buy one 32-oz bottle here from Walmart for 11.73$.

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What Are The Name-Brand Hypoallergenic Formulas in The US?

There are three hypoallergenic name-brand formulas in the US:

  1. Enfamil Nutramigen
  2. Similac Alimentum
  3. Gerber Extensive HA

The table below shows the difference between each hypoallergenic formula in terms of ingredients and price :

altrentaive name brand formulas to nutramigen

* 2’FL prebiotic (2’ fucosyllactose) is a type of HMO that exist only in breast milk. Therefore, babies who are fed 2’FL prebiotics have an immune response like breastfed babies.

** LGG Probiotics (Lactobacillus rhamnosus) are good bacteria found naturally in our bowls, they have many benefits for a baby’s digestive and immune system. Moreover, they reduce the incidence of diarrhea and the risk of eczema and may also help with colic.

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It Is Safe To Switch From Name-Brand To Generic Hypoallergenic Formula?

Yes, it’s safe to switch from name-brand to generic formula; they have the same nutrient value and same quality ingredients. Pediatricians recommend using the generic formula in case of not find your name-brand formula. Furthermore, they are approved by the FDA and have solid research behind them.

Just make sure you pick the right generic of your name brand formula. For example, the right generic formula for Nutramigen must be hypoallergenic and be using the same ingredients and probiotics.. etc.

How to Switch to a Generic Formula?

Switching to a generic formula could be for financial reasons or due to the current formula shortage.

If you are switching to a generic formula for financial reasons and the primary formula you are using still exists in the markets, try to switch gradually to get the baby used to the new taste. First, start with a bottle of three parts old and one part new until your LO accepts that, then move to half-and-half, and so on until the baby takes 100% of the new formula. Try to make this transition over 1 to 2 weeks.

« I usually recommend families don’t switch often. Let time unfold and give your baby a chance to settle in. Don’t react to every single poop. Give your baby a week or two on a formula before you give up or reach for a new can » says Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson pediatrician and chief medical officer of SpoonfulONE.

it can take 1 week for the baby to adjust to the new formula. If these reactions persist over 10 days, switch to another formula or go back to your primary formula until you find a new one.

Therefore, you should buy a small container of the new formula until you see that your LO responds well to it.

Stop using the new formula immediately if you see blood in the baby’s poop or breathing trouble.

Due to formula shortage, many parents couldn’t find their primary formula, so they are obliged to make a cold turkey switch.

Switching baby formula cold turkey is fine to do since the new formula has the same basic ingredients. For example, switching Nutramigen to Target, Walmart, or Parent’s choice hypoallergenic formula cold turkey is totally fine, and don’t let it stress you.

Can You Mix Generic And Name-Brand Formula?

Yes, you can mix and match generic and name-brand formulas as long as you are following standard mixing instructions. Also, the new formula must be the same type as the old formula and have the same basic ingredients.

Here you will find mixing instructions for Nutramigen for Various Concentrations and Volume Yields.

Conclusion :

As you saw, you can save a lot of money with the generic brand and guarantee no health issues in your baby. Also, you can switch cold turkey when there is a recall on Nutramigen with no problems. Baby formulas are the same !!

Leave a comment with your preferred hypoallergenic brand and why you have chosen it.


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    You say that Alimentum and Nutramigen are exactly the same, but I beg to differ with you. My grandson has Gurd and Nutramigen is the only formula that has helped his tummy woes. However, due to the formula shortages, we were forced to find another alternative at times. So we chose Alimentum. And he has been on it about two weeks and the colic symptoms have come back IN FULL FORCE!! There is a different ingredient in Alimentum than Nutramigen. So alas, not ALL hypoallergenic formulas are created equally. Just a heads up. ✌?


      Hello there! I made a comparison between Nutramigen and Alimentum in the table above and as you saw the ingredients are different, I didn’t claim that Nutramigen is exactly the same as Alimentum, but, I said that Alimentum is the best alternative to Nutramigen in case your baby has shown bad reactions to the latter. However, if your LO did well on Nutramigen and has been recalled doesn’t mean that he will also do well on Alimentum because every baby is different. Instead, you should try generic brands that are similar to Nutramigen. If you want to see a full comparison between Alimentum and Nutramigen and know which one will help for every case, check this article:
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