The Best 9 Generic Brands of Enfamil Infant Formula

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Enfamil Infant is a standard milk-based formula designed for babies with no health issues using nonfat milk + whey protein concentrate as protein sources and lactose as a carbohydrate source. However, it’s expensive!! because it belongs to the Enfamil brand and has “extra features”.

Thus, switching to generic brands will be the best decision because they are approved by the FDA and recommended by pediatricians. Furthermore, they will save you a lot of money!!

In this article, we will see the best 9 store brands of Enfamil Infant and a comparison between them in terms of ingredients and price:

What are the Off-Brands of Enfamil Infant?

There are 9 generic Enfamil Infant formulas that are cheap to choose from in case you didn’t find regular Enfamil:

  1. Always My Baby Advantage HMO
  2. Parent’s Choice Advantage
  3. Parent’s Choice Infant NonGMO
  4. Tippy Toes Advantage Premium
  5. Tippy Toes Infant
  6. Up & Up Advantage Formula
  7. Up & Up Advantage Premium
  8. Up & Up Powder Infant Formula
  9. Well Beginnings Advantage HMO

The table below shows a comparison between regular Enfamil and its generic brands in terms of ingredients and price:

Protein Source:

Enfamil Infant and its generic brands have nonfat milk and whey protein concentrate as protein sources like all standard milk-based formulas. Nonfat milk is cow’s milk where the fat has been removed, it has a whey-to-casein ratio of 60:40 whereas whey protein concentrate is a protein with 80% of whey by weight and 20% of carbs and fat.

Fat Source:

If you want a generic brand without palm oil consider the “Always My Baby Advantage” and “Up & Up Advantage Premium” formulas, they are palm oil free and have as fat sources: high safflower oleic oil – coconut oil – and soy oil.

Palm oil may reduce fat and calcium absorption which can lead to hard poop or constipation. It’s a rare occurrence for normal babies. However, it’s a problem for premature babies who need to absorb protein, minerals, and vitamins fast to catch up with low birth weight, and for that, they must drink formulas like Enfamil Neuropro Enfacare.

I did a full comparison between Neuropro Enfacare and Neuropro Infant if you want to check.


Enfamil Infant and its off-brands have two different prebiotics, some of them have the 2′-FL HMO prebiotic (2′-Fucosyllactose human milk oligosaccharide) which resembles that found naturally in breast milk.

Prebiotics are food for probiotics which are good bacteria that help the digestive system, a well-fed probiotic will keep your baby’s gut healthy.

« HMOs are special prebiotics found naturally in a mother’s breast milk. They are the most abundant solid ingredient in breast milk after fat and carbohydrates. In breastfed babies, HMOs are scientifically shown to positively affect the microbiome. » says nutritionnews.Abbott


In terms of price, the cheapest generic brand of Enfamil Infant is Parent’s Choice Advantage which costs 0.603/oz for a 36 oz can.

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Where to Buy Enfamil Infant Off Brands?

Enfamil InfantBuy HERE
Always My Baby
Advantage HMO
Parent’s Choice
Buy 12.4 oz

Buy 36 oz
Parent’s Choice
Advantage (23.2 oz)
Parent’s Choice
Infant NonGMO
Tippy Toes
Advantage Premium
Tippy Toes InfantBuy 22.2 oz

Buy 35 oz
Up & Up
Advantage Formula
Up & Up
Advantage Premium
Up & Up
Powder Infant
Well Beginnings
Advantage HMO

How Much Money I Will Save On Generic Enfamil Infant:

In general, a baby could drink up to 5500 oz in the first six months (30 oz/day; which is the maximum he must drink per day), after that, solid foods will be introduced into his diet which means less formula per day. I did a full guide about how much formula should a baby eat by age and by weight (with an infographic) if you want to check.

Therefore, if we choose the cheapest generic formula of Enfamil Infant which is Parent’s Choice Advantage (36 oz), it will cost 3300 $ in the first six months whereas Enfamil Infant (21.1 oz) will cost 6600 $. That’s the double!!

Thus, you can save up to 550 $ per month on generic Enfamil Infant brands!!

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Switching From Regular Enfamil to Generic brands :

It Is Safe?

Most parents are afraid of switching to generic brands thinking that have bad or low quality due to cheap prices. No!! they are wrong!! generic formulas (mentioned above in the table) are approved by the FDA and they will give your baby the nutritional value he needs, also they have solid research behind them.

Therefore, it’s safe to switch between Enfamil Infant and its generic formulas as long as they have the same protein, carbohydrate, and fat sources.

How To Do It?

There are two ways of switching to a new formula; gradually or cold turkey, the first method consists of mixing Enfamil Infant with its generic brand gradually until your baby drinks 100% new off-brand formula, this switching must be over 2 weeks, or in case your name-brand formula was recalled, you can switch cold turkey. The two ways are safe.

Note :

If bad reactions appear (breathing trouble or blood in baby’s poop), it’s recommended to stop feeding this new generic brand.

Thus, when switching or changing formulas, it’s better to buy a small can for testing, this way you won’t waste money.

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Can You Mix Them?

Yes, you can mix and match Enfamil Infant and its generic brands as long as you are following standard mixing instructions.

The Best One?

Generic brands are safe to use as a replacement for name-brand formulas because they have the same basic and quality ingredients, also pediatricians recommend them. Don’t feel guilty about feeding your LO an off-brand formula thinking that you prefer money to your baby’s health. No!! it’s the marketing that makes name-brand formulas look like they have top quality.

Therefore, the best palm oil free off brand is Up & Up Advantage Premium because it’s cheap and has an HMO prebiotic and a good rating.

The cheapest and best store-brand formula is Parent’s Choice Advantage because it has an HMO prebiotic and a good rating.

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