The Best Generic Alimentum Formula (Tested by Moms)

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It might be quite expensive to feed your infant a name-brand formula for a year. Especially a hypoallergenic formula that costs around three times as much as the standard formula. That’s why switching to a generic-brand formula is preferable since they are FDA-approved and far less expensive than name-brand formulas.

in this post, we’ll see the best generic brand for the Alimentum formula, as well as how to transition from a name brand to a generic one. Stay with me!

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The Best Generic Alimentum Formula :

target hypoallergenic formula

The best generic Alimentum formula is Target’s hypoallergenic formula (Up & Up), 80% of moms have switched from Similac Alimentum to the Target brand with no issues. You may notice that Target HA formula doesn’t use the same ingredients as Alimentum but if your baby likes it and has no health issues, go for it.

generic brand of similac alimentum

Target hypoallergenic formulas use casein as a source of protein, casein, and whey, are two components derived from cow’s milk. They have no difference between them, but each one has a different digestion time; whey is digested quickly.

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Target hypoallergenic formula uses palm oil and coconut oil as fat sources, the carbohydrate source is corn syrup and has no added sucrose (sugar table). Moreover, it does have probiotics (Lactobacillus rhamnosus gg) as Nutramigen, they are good bacteria found naturally in our bowls, and they have many benefits for a baby’s digestive and an immune system like reducing the incidence of diarrhea and risk of eczema and may also help with colic.

It’s lactose and gluten-free and has DHA and ARA. Also, it is a non-GMO formula.

On the contrary, Alimentum contains sucrose and does use corn maltodextrin as a carbohydrate source. There is no big difference between corn syrup and corn maltodextrin.

Similac doesn’t use palm oil and coconut oil. Instead, it uses medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) as a fat source.

Alimentum doesn’t have a probiotic but it has a 2’FL HMO prebiotic (2’ fucosyllactose); it is a type of HMO (human milk oligosaccharide) that exist only in breastmilk. Therefore, babies who are fed 2’FL prebiotics have an immune response like breastfed babies.

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The price of Target HA formula 28.99$ for a 19.8oz can (1.46/oz) which is way cheaper than Similac Alimentum.

The only problem with Target’s hypoallergenic formula is the clumps; It is very hard to mix. However, I have some tips to mix it easily :

  • Use warm water ;
  • Use a blender bottle ;
  • Shake one scoop at a time ;
  • When you are on the go bring with you a whisk ;
  • If you have Dr. Brown’s formula pitcher it will eventually mix fine.

If you are willing to switch to the Target HA formula you can buy it here from Target.

There is no other generic-brand formula similar to Similac Alimentum. However, due to formula shortage, you may not find Up & Up in the stores. Thus, you should try another generic hypoallergenic formula. 

There are almost 9 generic hypoallergenic formulas in the US and all are similar to Nutramigen in terms of ingredients. 

They may do well for your LO, just give them a try and see. Switching formula doesn’t hurt your baby.

The Best Alternative Name-Brand to Similac Alimentum :

enfamil Nutramigen LGG

In case of not have financial issues, the best alternative name-brand for Alimentum is Enfamil Nutramigen because it has LGG (Lactobacillus rhamnosus gg) probiotics; they have many benefits for babies’ digestive and immune systems like reducing the incidence of diarrhea and risk of eczema and may also help with colic. Furthermore, a study showed that 59% of babies on Nutramigen with LGG have overcome cow’s milk allergy and switched back to regular milk in 6 months.

Nutramigen is similar to Alimentum in regards to protein source (casein), but they differ in regards to fat and carbs source. Corn syrup is used as a carbohydrate source for Nutramigen (no sucrose). Palm oil, and coconut oil as a fat sources.

In terms of baby poop, babies on Nutramigen have a smelly yellow/beige poop, a consistency like peanut butter. The frequency is almost after every feeding in the first week, after that once to twice a day.

I wrote an article about what does a hypoallergenic formula poop looks like? if you want to check.

The price of Nutramigen is 33.49$ for a 12.6 oz can which mean 2.66 /oz. If you are willing to switch to this formula you can buy it here from Walmart. If you buy a can of 27.8 oz it will cost you just 49.99$ (1.8/oz).

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What Are The Name-Brand Hypoallergenic Formulas in The US?

There are three hypoallergenic name-brand formulas in the US:

1.    Enfamil Nutramigen

2.    Similac Alimentum

3.    Gerber Extensive HA

The table below shows the difference between each hypoallergenic formula in terms of ingredients and price :

altrentaive name-brand formulas to alimentum

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Is it Safe To Switch From Name-Brand To Generic Hypoallergenic Formula?

Yes, switching from a name brand to a generic formula is safe because the nutrient value and ingredients quality of both are the same. If you can’t find your name-brand formula, pediatricians recommend utilizing the generic version. Furthermore, they are approved by the FDA and have solid research behind them.

It is important to pick the right generic formula. For example, the right generic formula for Alimentum should be hypoallergenic and be using the same basic ingredients.

How to Switch to a Generic Formula?

Switching to a generic formula could be for financial reasons or due to the current formula shortage.

Switching for financial reasons :

If you’re transitioning to a generic formula for budgetary reasons but still have Alimentum, make the transition gradually so the baby gets acclimated to the new taste. Begin with a bottle containing three parts old and one part new until your LO accepts it, then go to half-and-half, and so on until your LO accepts 100% new formula. Make the switch over one to two weeks.

If you are switching to a generic formula for financial reasons and you still have Alimentum, try to switch gradually to get the baby used to the new taste. First, start with a bottle of three parts old and one part new until your LO accepts that, then move to half-and-half, and so on until the baby takes 100% of the new formula. Try to make this transition over 1 to 2 weeks.

« I usually recommend families don’t switch often. Let time unfold and give your baby a chance to settle in. Don’t react to every single poop. Give your baby a week or two on a formula before you give up or reach for a new can » says Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson pediatrician and chief medical officer of SpoonfulONE.

The little one may need a week to adapt to the new formula. If the reactions continue after 10 days, try a different formula or go back to your main formula until you find a new one.

Therefore, buy a small container of the new formula till you observe how your LO reacts to it.

If you notice blood in the baby’s stool or breathing problems, stop using the new formula immediately.

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Switching cold-turkey:

Due to a formula shortage, many parents were unable to obtain their preferred formula and were forced to make a cold-turkey transition.

Switching baby formula cold turkey is fine to do since the new formula has the same basic ingredients. For example, switching Alimentum to Target hypoallergenic formula is fine. Don’t let it stress you.

Can You Mix Generic And Name-Brand Formula?

Yes, as long as you follow standard mixing instructions, you can mix and match generic and name-brand formulas. In addition, the new formula must be of the same type and include the same basic ingredients as the old one.

Conclusion :

As you saw, you can save a lot of money with the generic brand and guarantee no health issues in your baby. Furthermore, if you didn’t find your main formula just try an equivalent one and give it some time (10 days) if it didn’t work switch to another until you find the best for your baby because all formulas are the same (generic and name brand) !!

If you switch from Alimentum to another generic brand and doesn’t go well, leave it in a comment so other parents avoid using it.


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