My niece

Hello, I am ELHOUSSIN EL RHOUATE, I am a civil engineer, and I have a story with babies.

My sister had two daughters, and his husband has to work in Europe (Italy). After a few years, she decides to live with him in Europe. However, one of her daughters (the little one) was not lucky enough to get the visa; the husband was allowed to bring with him the wife and one child. So, the little one was obliged to stay with us until her mom work and fetch her. 

I had liked this little one, and after she stays with us, I loved her more. She was like my daughter. I was playing with her, feeding her, and changing her clothes. I really liked her and still.

Unfortunately, after about one year, my sister came back and want to take her daughter, of course. It was the worst days of my life when Hiba went with her mother; I really missed her a lot and still. I’m always talking with her now and waiting for the summer to come to see her.

During that time, I learned a lot about babies; feeding, changing clothes, pooping, sleeping, and more without being a birth father. At that time, I felt the effort and stress new parents have while their babies grow up. Especially, when a baby needs something or has pain, he’s not talking, he just crying. Therefore, parents become confused and stressed.

I saw a lot of questions in Pinterest, communities, and Reddit from new parents about feeding babies formula, baby poop, and how to choose the right formula. Therefore, I decided to create this website and collect all answers from other parents about feeding babies formula, their experience with all kinds of formulas. These answers are fortified with information from reliable sources like to give all you need to know as a new parent, so you don’t get lost in communities, forums without finding the right answers.

Furthermore, I’m making infographics as guides to receive the information easily. Therefore, I will appreciate it if you share these infographics with your friends.

I hope you enjoy the articles ?.